• Discover Orange Learn’s study books and online courses

    Earlier this year Orange Learn, part of Orange Amplification, launched a new collection of study books for students looking for an alternate way to learn to play rock guitar. This original series of books provides everything needed to take accredited rock guitar exams, from debut through to Grade 8, with global provider of digital music exams, Online Music Exams (OME) anytime, anywhere.
    As well as the books, Orange Learn has expanded their programme to include more online courses and a revolutionary take on music exams. Worth a look!
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    The grade books, which can sit alongside and be supported by Orange’s online guitar courses, are perfect for students to study by themselves, with a teacher or a combination of both. Each grade book includes six songs; three for teaching students how to play a lead guitar solo over a song and three performance pieces.

    The expanded Orange Learn programme offers students multiple, complementary approaches to learning rock guitar. All the technical aspects required to develop playing skills and fulfil examination board requirements are included in the books; scales, chords, aural tests, melodic recall, sight-reading and theory. Orange Amplification’s Online Rock Guitar course can be used to supplement the new grade books with pre-recorded videos for students who prefer to learn this way or want a more in depth guide to music theory.

    Orange Learn continues to give students the freedom to create their own learning journey. It is a flexible, fun, easy to follow course, built by expert music teachers. It allows students to study and progress at their own pace, using different options; grade books, online courses and exams.

    Orange Learn says:

    “The way the online exams work is particularly special – students can take 100% of their exams online. Even the sight reading, improvisation and aural tests can be taken online so that students don’t have to travel to a test centre to complete their exam. This is really unusual and one of the things that really sets Orange Learn apart.”

    Featured artists in Orange Learn’s Rock Guitar Books:

    • The Beatles
    • AC/DC
    • Nirvana
    • Metallica
    • Deep Purple
    • Oasis
    • Arctic Monkeys
    • Greta Van Fleet
    • My Chemical Romance
    • Bullet for My Valentine
    • Opeth
    • Joe Satriani
    • Rush


    Each book is accompanied by free downloadable backing tracks that are downloadable from the website.


    For further information and to buy the graded Rock Guitar Exam books or their reduced price digital version, visit www.orangelearn.com/