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Gough & Davy is a Hull based music retailer owned and managed by Hull’s own Alan Kilvington who first joined as a sales assistant in 1995. Al ‘Kilvo’ is an Americana piano player whose playing style reminds many of Jerry Lee Lewis himself. We caught up with him for a quick chat…

How would you describe your shop in three words?

Friendly Quality Service

How long have you been in business?

I personally joined the shop in 1995 as a sales assistant, and have always performed in bands.

Gough & Davy was established as a Piano retailer in 1860 and soon became a market leader in providing the latest musical instruments and music at the time. The business flourished all through the Victorian era and on into the 20th. century. During the next hundred years the name Gough & Davy became synonymous with music lovers, not only in Hull but the whole country. In 2007 The company was relocated in new premises ‘Under the City Hall’ and is now owned and managed by myself.

What does your shop specialise in?

Pianos (acoustic and digital) guitars (acoustic and electric) and most things in between!

What additional services do you offer?

We repair pianos, guitars, brass and woodwind instruments. We also offer piano and guitar tuition.

What’s your favourite item for sale in the shop right now?

The Casio PX S1000 digital piano is a game changer at the price. It is outrageously portable with a wonderful playing action and comprehensive range of sounds! Dedicated stereo line outs allow the ‘Two Pianos’ to send to our theatre PA and the results are stunning.

Name a favourite piece of music (From any genre you like, absolutely no judgement!)

There’s far too many, but Jerry Lee Lewis’ version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” hits the spot.

Do you get involved in your local community? If so, how?

All staff perform and are involved with many bands, choirs and orchestras. Assembly/workshops have been performed in schools across the region.

Our owner Alan Kilvington’s band ‘Two Pianos‘ perform classic 50s rock n roll hits in theatres across the country on dueling pianos!

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Gough & Davy owner Alan Kilvington in performance with his band ‘Two Pianos’

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