A July Round-up from Take it away

It’s officially summer! The new season has brought a fresh batch of creativity and things to look forward to. Looking for some summer holiday music activities? Check out our post on DIY musical instruments which includes how to make carrot recorders and more! 🥕
From opportunities and events to good reads and inspiration, there are many musical things happening this month. Here is a round-up of some of the things we’ve had our eyes on recently and have enjoyed reading, watching, and listening to…

Opportunities + Events

After a hard 18 months, we’ve all got someone to say thank you to. Whether it’s the frontline staff, the delivery driver, conductors for navigating zoom rehearsals, bus drivers, or friends and neighbours – Making Music want to get together to say thanks to them all! This initiative is taking place on Sunday 4th July and it’s very light touch if your singing, playing or organising skills are a bit rusty after 18 months! Read on to find out more from the organisers.

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Thank you day - sunday 4th july

This special exhibition at the Science and Industry Museum tells the story of Factory Records’ formative years from 1978-1982, and how their innovative work in music, technology and design gave Manchester an authentic voice and distinctive identity.

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BBC Open Training 

Do you know someone interested in music, presenting, radio production, event production, sound recording or engineering?

BBC Open are offering hands-on experience, masterclasses and mentoring to develop skills, your voice and your ideas with Open Music.

All whilst getting the chance to work with the BBC Concert Orchestra, BBC Proms & other BBC teams in building, shaping, delivering (and possibly performing in!) a BBC Prom in 2022.

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BBC Open Music

Music Engineering + DJ’ing courses

Are you between 16 and 24 and want to learn how to use a music studio and logic… and get a qualification too? Tutor Hub has started running some FREE courses. More info on their Instagram page: instagram.com/tutorhubltd

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Free music courses 6 weeks available for music & engineering, Music & DJing @tutorhubltd

Join the NYO Community 

Celebrate the return to live music as part of the world’s greatest orchestra of teenagers!

NYO are recruiting musicians to be part of a dynamic community of young people who are passionate about orchestral music, and who want to open up this music to their generation. In 2022, there are places for 1,000 teenage musicians to be part of the NYO orchestral community, in NYO and NYO Inspire – this is your opportunity to join in.

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Youth Music NextGen Fund

The Youth Music NextGen Fund offers young creatives grants of up to £2,500 to make their ideas happen.

Built for creatives with a stack of ideas but a lack of finance, the fund is open to 18–25-year-olds (and under-30s who identify as Disabled). Successful applicants will use the money to launch a creative project, idea or business. YM want to support the future of the music industries. Singers, Rappers, Songwriters, Producers, DJs, A&Rs, Managers and Agents, right through to roles that have yet to be defined.

Deadline: Friday 9 July 2021.

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NextGen Fund

Music scenes celebrated with ‘digital museum’

Bristol and Bath’s music scenes are being highlighted in a new location-based virtual tour with over 250 venues, studios and inspirational places are featured in a “digital museum”. The website, called Everything is Music, features interviews with artists, producers and historical venue information and you can use your phones to get the content in specific locations.

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Music Museums in the UK

With the school holidays just around the corner, we looked into some music-based activities to inspire, amaze and motivate young musicians. Introducing the magical world of music museums!

All over the UK, there are buildings full of the history of local and global music-making. From self-playing instruments, a piano with six pedals to Bob Dylan’s guitar and Elgar’s gramophone, there’s a lot to discover.

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Good reads + news

Watch 🎥 Future Sound Digital

Future Sound Digital is a series of free, short videos which will help you start your songwriting journey. The video tutorials give you a simple, engaging and accessible insight into how different artists express themselves through music; how they write songs; and how they became musicians.

The video tutorials feature talented artists Oscar Jerome, Sans Soucis and Arji Manuelpillai. They give tips, insights and advice on lyric-writing, composition and self-expression through music. Plus they offer inspiration for young people who aspire to connect with a career in the music industry.

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Learning by Livestream? 

Watching YouTube videos has been a popular way to pick up some new skills over the past decade, but livestreaming platforms such as Twitch have started to gain popularity with their real-time interactions.

This year, Liam Taylor became a Steinberg Certified Trainer and has gained recognition for his Cubase tutorial type livestream sessions. We caught up with Liam to learn more about his approach to learning how to produce music and get some advice for anyone looking to get started in this side of music-making.

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Accessible Reopening Checklist

Accessibility charity Attitude is Everything has published a 10-point Accessible Reopening Checklist in a bid to ensure deaf, disabled and neurodivergent fans are made welcome when full-capacity events resume.

“It’s free and easy to use, so there’s no reason for promoters, venue managers and event organisers not to embrace and implement this checklist,” said Attitude is Everything founder Suzanne Bull. “Deaf and disabled people are artists, employees, volunteers and fans, and they’re looking forward to returning to an inclusive world of sports, arts and culture. You’d better get ready.”

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Why music is the heartbeat of gaming

“Music is a fundamental part of every game, but one particular genre goes further, making its soundtrack an essential part of the action. In music games, a player’s movements are bound to the score: you might reshape the songs with your actions, or be challenged to react to every riff, beat and snare.”  Interesting article on the FT covering how music’s role in the world of gaming.

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What can classical musicians learn from jazz gigs?

Violinist Nicola Benedetti spoke to Classic FM about rejecting the “sewed up and perfect” ideal of what a classical concert should be, and why the live music experience should offer more than just a live version of a recording.

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UK pop pilgrimages: from Paul McCartney’s Kintyre to Giggs’s Peckham

With festivals looking thin on the ground, why not visit the places that have inspired some of our best songs and greatest bands. The Guardian have done a round-up including artists ranging from Pulp to Giggs!

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Listen 🎧

If you’ve not already discovered NPR Tiny Desk Concerts we highly recommend starting with the dulcet tones of Jordan Rakei!

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Aviemore composer Sonia Allori has not let deafness stop her from making music

“What’s missing is a clear pathway for young, deaf and disabled musicians coming through school and thinking ‘what’s next?’, ‘how can I make it in music?’. Great article featuring Take it away friend Sonia Allori!

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