Jazzlines Summer School

Back in March, we put together a list of popular summer school music courses.  These were well received, so we had a look for more – and found that keeping the children musically occupied this summer doesn’t need to break the bank…

Summer is finally here, and many parents’ minds are already turning to the long summer holidays and what activities to plan for their children.

For those that are musically minded, summer schools are increasingly popular for a variety of reasons.  As class sizes are considerably smaller, teachers can dedicate more time to every student. Summer courses are also a great way to connect with other musicians and like-minded people, and can be brilliant for improving skills such as technique and performance, and inspiring productive practising.

Popular summer courses

Our original list of popular summer courses contains courses for varying ages and levels of ability, but generally they are for children of older primary/secondary school age and most last around a week.  All of these courses incur costs, which vary depending on course length and whether it is residential. And they usually specify a minimum ability of Grade 4/5 upwards.

Apply for a free/low cost music course

Depending on where you live, there are many courses out there that are free or very affordable to attend. There is normally certain criteria that need to be met and applicants should demonstrate a certain level of enthusiasm and passion for music and learning.


Free music summer school courses

Proms Go Pop! Newham Music Instrumental Summer School
13 August 13 – 16 August
Sign up by Monday 29 July at 5pm

This free summer programme is open to young people aged 9-18 who can play at a Grade 1 equivalent or higher. There will be different progression opportunities for all abilities, including solos, section leader positions, and advanced ensemble attendance.

Contact info@newham-music.org.uk  

Breakin’ Convention Hip Hop theatre Summer School
5 August – 13 August
Sign up by Friday 12 July at 5pm

Take a varied and interactive 5-day workshop spanning rap, grime, music, theatre skills and dramaturgy as you work on producing a creative project of your own.

Visit QueenElizabethOlympicPark.co.uk/SummerSchool to apply.

Jazzlines Summer School
19 August – 23 August
Sign up deadline to be announced

Jazzlines run a yearly non-residential Summer School course which is free to young musicians from Birmingham and the surrounding areas aged between 11 and 19. You can learn a range of skills including technique, improvisation and ensemble playing.

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Pedestrian Music Week Summer School 2019
22 July – 26 July

Learn about beats, bars, production, lyric writing and recording!

Find out more and apply

Low cost music courses

Tees Valley Music Service Summer School Hartlepool
24 July – 31 July
£24 for two days, £40 for four days

Open to any child aged 8 to 14. You get to try out instruments you’ve never played before and for those who do play an instrument, there will be specialist teachers to work with you as an ensemble. There will be a gala performance to showcase everything the children have done at the end of the final day.

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29 July – 1 August 2019
£15 suggested donation

It’s year 5 of the Junior Bloco Summer School.  Young people from London aged 9-13 years old are invited to attend for drumming, brass, woodwind, steel pans and dance. You will learn new skills or develop existing ones and join together with over 60 other young people to play music, steel pan or drum and put together a spectacular show for friends and family. You can join as a Drummer / Brass-woodwind or Steel Pan player.

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Brighton & Hove Music and Arts
Summer Schools
6-20 July 2019
From £30 a day

A true celebration of youth music making, these courses produce 18 nights of performances for audiences to enjoy. Courses are focused on music technology, singing, rock & pop and classical music. They are available for a range of instruments/voices, with opportunities for children and young people from year 2 to year 11.

East Sussex Music Service Summer Courses
8-26 July 2019
c. £31 per day

East Sussex Music Service offers courses from beginner to advanced levels on a wide range of instruments. Some courses are for single instruments (like violin), but most are for bands, choirs and orchestras.

Derbyshire Music Hub Singing Summer School
23-25 July (Derbyshire) / 28-30 August (Derby)

Three days of singing, exciting musical activities and making new friends… open to pupils aged 7+ who love to sing!
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Exmouth Music Centre Summer School
5-9 August 2019
from £20 daily

Concert Band and Training Band depending on your ability, Ensemble opportunities for a mixture of groups. Other informative workshops will be on offer. Entry requirements: Training Band – Grade 2 to Grade 4 or equivalent, Concert Band – Grade 4 to Advanced level.
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