With Autumn fast approaching, we’ve handpicked 5 musicians for you to get to know and listen to over the next few months. These diverse artists all bring something slightly different to the line-up and range from well established to on the verge of break-through. We are truly spoilt for choice with the new music that’s set to emerge by the end of the year. If you don’t know them already, you will do by the time you’ve finished reading!

By Renée Jackson


The Steamdown artist collective will definitely have you up on the dancefloor. The talented group create a vibrant, jazzy, Afrofuturistic sound and have hit the ground running within the music scene. Join them at their weekly event – SD Weekly at Matchstick Piehouse playing the wickedest tunes. This group is on an upward spiral to success!

That sax solo at 3’35 ????


Inspired and intrigued by African culture, Sudan Archives, a self-taught musician, brings a rich and uplifting sound; an experience one can’t help but enjoy. Each song brings a new feel with the amazing use of musical instruments you’ve probably not heard before. She produces, plays and writes all of her music. 

We really love how she uses her violin in such different ways! Have a listen out for it in her song ‘Nont For Sale’ from her latest project ‘Sink’.


The London jazz scene is not to be underestimated! Alfa Mist’s latest project Structuralism proves this, easing you on a journey into nostalgia. The pianist/rapper/producer started his musical journey as a hip hop producer but has not limited himself by any means. If you ever get the chance to see him live, we guarantee you won’t regret it.

Check out our latest interview with Alfa here: Take it away presents… Alfa Mist


Lemzi is an artist who inspires others through the power of music. As well as giving us an amazing project ‘Leki’, The East London Hip-Hop lyricist also hosts two other events: IN-FACTS and Hidden Gems Live. Both are fantastic platforms for artists to showcase their talents. We previously spoke to Lemzi about his experience of delivering rap workshops in schools, and he continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. We can’t wait to hear his next project!

5 | RASiDA 

After seeing RASiDA perform at the Music For Youth Proms 2018 we were in awe. Although young, she seems to have the soul of some of our greatest jazz legends living through her. The singer-songwriter and pianist has undeniable talent which shouldn’t be slept on, and luckily she’s just released her debut single! Listen to ‘Sorry for wasting your time’ on YouTube or Spotify.  It’s only a matter of time before she’ll be selling out arenas.

Check out her live session at East London Arts and Music sixth-form.

Can’t get enough of these five musicians? Neither can we!

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