Project Music

We are proud to be a leading European centre for such prestigious guitar building names as Collings, Lowden, Martin, Suhr, PRS, Musicman, Fender Custom Shop, Guild, Sigma, Mcilroy, Brook, and many more. We work very closely with guitar builders to ensure we have available an especially attractive selection and are delighted to work closely with the likes of Lakewood, Rickenbacker, Charvel, Jackson, Mesa Boogie, Gretsch, Godin, Seagull and Simon and Patrick to name just a few. Fans of guitar effects and the latest pedals and amps will also be able to chose from our selection of Blackstar, MXR, Elctro Harmonix, J Rockett, EarthQuaker, Xotic, and Stone Deaf, Way Huge, Darkglass, Neunaber. We also stock a great range of Squier guitar and bass, Fender acoustic guitars, La Patrie, Cordoba, Breedlove, Sterling by Musicman, Eastman, Schecter.

Address: 16 Bartholomew St E, Exeter EX4 3BG, UK
Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 10am - 5pm
Saturday 9.30am - 5pm
Phone: 01392 425125
Postcode: EX4 3BG