• Disability Awareness Training for Music Retailers

    Shopping Without Barriers –Disability Awareness Training for Music Retailers

    Did you know that £267 million is lost every month by inaccessible high street shops?  Music shops that get this right can attract new customers and maintain customer loyalty.

    Disability Awareness Training, developed by the MIA, Creative United, and Attitude is Everything focuses on the particular needs of disabled customers that visit music shops and websites.

    The course will provide effective techniques that will help you to:

    • Understand the challenges that disabled people face while shopping
    • Adapt your sales techniques to meet the needs of disabled people
    • Increase loyalty and repeat business – if disabled people feel comfortable in your shop, they are much more likely to come back
    What you’ll learn

    Led by disability expert Gideon Feldman (Attitude is Everything) the training consists of two modules:

    Module 1‘s informative videos available to view on demand and include a thorough background to the issues faced by disabled people in the UK, looking at the Equality Act, the social model of disability and why it matters.

    Module 2 is a live session over Zoom, and is all about creating a welcoming and accessible retail environment for disabled customers.  You’ll learn about how to identify and address the needs of a disabled customer, best practice communication styles and work through case studies featuring real access-related scenarios.

    How to sign up

    1. Register for Module 2 (live session) on Eventbrite
    2. You will be sent a link to an online platform where you can register, make payment (if applicable) and complete Module 1 in advance of the live session
    3. Attend Module 2 on your chosen date

    Module 2 live session dates

    Please click on the date of your choice to book

    1. Thursday 21st October – 10:30 AM 
    2. Tuesday 26th October – 10:30 AM

    Here’s a view from a customer perspective…

    I like to have the latest equipment, so that means I’m always shopping. As a visually impaired person it can be a bit challenging when I visit music stores…although the sales staff are quite knowledgeable, they may not have much experience in dealing with someone like me.

    Jason Dasent, audio engineer and music producer, talks about why the training is a good opportunity to serve and retain customers like him:


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