• My guitar has been all over the UK and Europe, including Glastonbury, Dan Young

    Dan Young purchased a Fender Jazzmaster from Mansons in Exeter

    Dan credits his uncle with inspiring him to pick up a guitar. “He played this awesome old Gibson Les Paul. I’d hear him practise downstairs and wish I could play like that”. Today, Dan tours internationally with his band, October Drift. He’s played his Fender Jazzmaster, purchased using Take it away, at Glastonbury, the BBC 6 Festival and The Great Escape. In 2018, October Drift are supporting Editors’ sold out UK album shows.

    Dan found out about Take it away when he was looking at guitars in Mansons in Exeter; “They were, and still are, awesome – helping me set up my guitar when I bought it and then giving it a 6-month check.”

    The best moment in Dan’s music career so far? “Playing the John Peel Stage at Glastonbury - to finally walk out into that stage was a real honour.”

    Dan’s tip for aspiring musicians is “surround yourself with people who believe in you and will push you on when you get disheartened.”